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On the edge of the Empire is where your adventure really begins. Here, far from the core worlds and amongst the wretched and decrepit, there are still beacons of shinning light. This is your path, that you will forge through glory or despair, to an end yet to be written.

Though that is the future, her curtain is yet to be pulled back and revealed. There is only now and now is the safety of a beat up YT 1300, The Blade. You call her home. Out here, in the far reaches of the galaxy, to date, things haven’t turned out all that well however fortune could be looking on you with a smile, and a cheeky wink.

With your new friends, whom all seem alright for what goes on around here in the far reaches, have come together as all have something they are either getting away from or running to. With this crew maybe, just maybe you will be more than you ever thought or dreamed you could be. Just maybe you will be etching your name in the stars.

Home Page

The Edge of Tomorrow DVeight