The Edge of Tomorrow

The ride to nowhere

Chimei rode like a man possessed. The sound of battle raged all around him. There was only one thought on his mind, ‘get out of this mess’.  The problem was that he didn’t know what direction his steed was taking him and he wasn’t to know that he was riding deep into imperial lines.

Stormtrooper squads would run by, heading to the front line. The rumble of armoured vehicles and tanks set the constant background noise, regularly punctured by the boom of heavy ordnance. Chimei’s ears brought searing pain to his cranium as a nearby tank fired its main gun, only a few feet away. He clasped his ears to soften the pain and tremor blaring through his spinal column, down to his Correlian toes. His steed rode on by.

With his ears still ringing, the sight of a storm trooper appearing out of nowhere distracted Chimei from the pain. ‘This can’t be right’…. Were his first set of thoughts. ‘He’s as high as me. Is <u>he</u> floating?’

The thoughts and questions felt like they lasted in time frozen still, though it was only a mere 9th of a second. With already predetermined tactical analysis, the Stormtrooper arched its heavy set shoulder to give his arm a wide swing. Crunching bone resounded in unison of the steeds chilling cry. Its head snapped back, neck bones breaking as well, the mount fell to the ground as if it hit a durasteel wall.

Chimei crashed without even a moment to prepare for his fall. His left leg became caught beneath the steeds heavy set torso and now he lay on the ground, pinned and helpless.

“Well, well. What have we here?” Turning the corner from a nearby armoured vehicle a tall and muscled man approached him. The first thing Chimei noticed is the smile on his face. That self-assured, smug kind of smile. ‘Frak I hate the smarmy types.’

Dressed in military grey pants and a non-descript khaki shirt, the blackest of onyx colour boots, the man stood right above Chimei. His weathered face would probably be the only thing that would give away his age. He sported a military issue crew cut, probably cut so many times that the hair itself knew now what its requirements are and obeyed orders never to grow taller than 2.5cm’s. He sucked in the smoke from a half burned cigar. Exhaling with pleasure and that smile never leaving his mouth, the man leaned down to be up close to Chimei’s face.

“Frak boy!” His booming voice put the sound of nearby battle to shame. “Ha-ha. You just managed to step into a big <u>turd</u>.”

Any remaining sunlight of the day disappeared as the mountainous Stormtrooper stepped up closer. Looking up, the last thing Chimei saw was a military boot rising up and down onto his head.

Lights out.



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