The Edge of Tomorrow

Experience, Obligation, Duty and Morality for game on 27th February 2016

And now there are two of us

In attendance were

- Andrew
- Mitch

The game proceeded even though we were low on numbers. There was a desire to finish the module as we were close to the end.

The module was finished. That was certainly a marathon. I didn’t foresee it would take that long though am happy that it has concluded and satisfied with my monetary investment with the purchase of the module. It has paid for itself now.

Lobo and Chimei had managed to save Setana Hasse after she was taken by the imperials, whom killed Var Narek, and escaped Ord Radama with her. They returned to the rebel holdout on Jagomir and after a few days rest, Chimei had a meeting with Setana and the leadership group of the rebel group.

After hours of negotiations a deal was reached and the rebel group has formally joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Our module concluded there.

XP awarded = 40



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