The Edge of Tomorrow

Experience, Obligation and Duty for Game on 4th July, 2015

And then there were three

In attendance were:

- Mitch
- Andrew
- Paul

Experience Points earned for the evenings session amounted to 10. Each player should have no more than 365 Experience after this session’s experience has been tabulated.

Duty was rolled and no ones status came into play. The same occurred for Obligation.

With only three players in attendance the narrative to the game had changed. (have to love the game for its freedoms given to the GM)

The story continued immediately after Bruce had dispatched the bounty hunter with the awesome one shot kill. Series of explosives on a timer had been set around the Inter Corp manufacturing plant which set off just as the bounty hunter fell to the ground. The whole facility started to cave in. The three companions and the engineers only had seconds to scramble out before the durasteel beams and duracrete would fall upon them.

Before the dust could settle the group finds themselves amongst Imperial soldiers. Chimei takes authority and barks out orders though is advised that the engineers need to be taken for processing and Lobo can be attended to at the mobile army surgical hospital located with their area command base. They are all taken there though Bruce is still unseen and follows the group from a distance.

At the forward command base Lobo’s uniform is stripped and the medical staff notice his tattoo’s, non-standard hair cut and suspicion is raised. Before the doctor could call in an officer the base falls under attack from a large rebel aerial force. General Alamis is leading the attack personally and several transports break through the din of battle to land within the imperial compound. Bruce is already on the transport as he managed to jump on while it was flying overhead near his hidden position.

Chimei turns against the Imperial troops and starts shooting, then rescues the engineers and with their help rescues Lobo. They all successfully board the transports and evacuate out of the imperial forward command base. The group return to the Rebel lines and are swiftly transported up to their ship and hyper jump out of the system back to Sec Fleet.

They debrief and Lobo is placed in a bakta tank to recover.



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