The Edge of Tomorrow


Trip to Entera

Adventures Log March 7th – Pass’ Personal Log
Sitting back relaxing after what seems to be a clean getaway when I hear a beeping from the bridge, a message coming through.
A figure of a bald man tattoos on the right side of his face appeared. Message was for Chimei to got to a rendezvous and he provided coordinates.
Entering the coordinates we made the detour and in our efforts nearly wiped out into an Asteroid. Some friends Chimei has.
After the initial shock 3 fighters scream towards us and announce “Prepare to be Boarded”. I mean really! We don’t have a docking port for a fighter to dock, let alone 3 and they were in an attack formation so we did what any legitimate business folk would do in the outer rim. We manned the gun turrets and blew them out of the system. To be fair they fired first.
Poor fellows, nothing left saving.
With the ship damaged we made a be line to Entera for repairs and Chimei delivery.
Mmm, Chimei! At face value you would think, business man, trader or maybe even a diplomat but what I have seen he is running with some bad people. How far has he fallen?
First he attacks and wipes out a Black Sun ship, then fighters try and take him out. Now these fighters did not have hyperdrives so lucky we didn’t stay around for what carried them.
Who the hell is he working for and I am suspecting he isn’t trading legal goods.

On Entera we dock next to a Firespray beat up and with the weirdest crew you have ever met. Human, Gank and Jawa!
I feel a little sorry for them as they had to strip their ship to pay for repairs. Don’t know who they tangled with but glad it wasn’t me in their sights.
Landing on solid ground the first thing to do was find a nice room and a bath with plenty of elbow room.
Feeling clean and presentable next is to find someone to trade some goods. Down in the lower district found a nice fellow willing to purchase a few less than legal items. Not the best price but enough for a stake in a game or two.
On return to the hotel I apparently had an invite to a very nice party tonight. Time for new clothes for the occasion. Chimei said it is formal so after a brief visit to the shops I am set.
Now to find a game or two and off to the Casino, in tow our resident Bounty Hunter. Never got his name, should ask him next time I talk to him.
Wandering the tables the bets were low and sought a better quality of table. Apparently you can only go on invite so sat at the table winning until they agreed I was adequate. Our Bounty Hunter also got invited and wanted to play against me. Really!
Table with six players and down to business. Minimum bet 1,000 credits and this was more my style. After a couple of hours cleaned out a couple of the players; including the Bounty Hunter; and walked away with a satisfactory take for the afternoon.
I realised I forgot to get a present for the party; apparently a 18th Birthday for Randall Bagadus’ daughter Aesha.
Now what would a 18 year old girl like… Jewellery of course and off to buy a nice necklace.
After some negotiation I walked away with a nice set of rocks (value over 30,000 credits) and now set for the party.
Arrived at the party, mingled, noticed a Rodian Senator having a discussion with 3 other men.
Note to self. Need to follow up on them
Met Aesha, gave her the present, she loved it, her friends too and she was the centre of attention and why not it was her Birthday after all.
Mingled a little more, ran into the Gank. Really should ask people their names.
Met Randall and thanked him for the party. He was well guarded. Four close to him and one on the second floor balcony.
Shared a cab with the Gank back to the port and then back to the hotel for rest.
Next day met my friends who can acquire things and purchased a nice set of pistols and a contact. Something about other things possibly aligned to the Rebels? Who know something else to follow up on.
Sold the remain items at hand, a couple of droids, some mundane items and set to fit out the freighter the bare essentials. I mean who flies a freighter without even a toolkit?
Oh back on our ship I noticed the Firespray crawling with Jawa, I mean they were everywhere, repairing the damage. By the way they were going that ship should be ready in a couple of days. I have to give them credit for their small size they are very efficient.



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