The Edge of Tomorrow

The ride to nowhere

Chimei rode like a man possessed. The sound of battle raged all around him. There was only one thought on his mind, ‘get out of this mess’.  The problem was that he didn’t know what direction his steed was taking him and he wasn’t to know that he was riding deep into imperial lines.

Stormtrooper squads would run by, heading to the front line. The rumble of armoured vehicles and tanks set the constant background noise, regularly punctured by the boom of heavy ordnance. Chimei’s ears brought searing pain to his cranium as a nearby tank fired its main gun, only a few feet away. He clasped his ears to soften the pain and tremor blaring through his spinal column, down to his Correlian toes. His steed rode on by.

With his ears still ringing, the sight of a storm trooper appearing out of nowhere distracted Chimei from the pain. ‘This can’t be right’…. Were his first set of thoughts. ‘He’s as high as me. Is <u>he</u> floating?’

The thoughts and questions felt like they lasted in time frozen still, though it was only a mere 9th of a second. With already predetermined tactical analysis, the Stormtrooper arched its heavy set shoulder to give his arm a wide swing. Crunching bone resounded in unison of the steeds chilling cry. Its head snapped back, neck bones breaking as well, the mount fell to the ground as if it hit a durasteel wall.

Chimei crashed without even a moment to prepare for his fall. His left leg became caught beneath the steeds heavy set torso and now he lay on the ground, pinned and helpless.

“Well, well. What have we here?” Turning the corner from a nearby armoured vehicle a tall and muscled man approached him. The first thing Chimei noticed is the smile on his face. That self-assured, smug kind of smile. ‘Frak I hate the smarmy types.’

Dressed in military grey pants and a non-descript khaki shirt, the blackest of onyx colour boots, the man stood right above Chimei. His weathered face would probably be the only thing that would give away his age. He sported a military issue crew cut, probably cut so many times that the hair itself knew now what its requirements are and obeyed orders never to grow taller than 2.5cm’s. He sucked in the smoke from a half burned cigar. Exhaling with pleasure and that smile never leaving his mouth, the man leaned down to be up close to Chimei’s face.

“Frak boy!” His booming voice put the sound of nearby battle to shame. “Ha-ha. You just managed to step into a big <u>turd</u>.”

Any remaining sunlight of the day disappeared as the mountainous Stormtrooper stepped up closer. Looking up, the last thing Chimei saw was a military boot rising up and down onto his head.

Lights out.

Experience, Obligation, Duty and Morality for game on 27th February 2016
And now there are two of us

In attendance were

- Andrew
- Mitch

The game proceeded even though we were low on numbers. There was a desire to finish the module as we were close to the end.

The module was finished. That was certainly a marathon. I didn’t foresee it would take that long though am happy that it has concluded and satisfied with my monetary investment with the purchase of the module. It has paid for itself now.

Lobo and Chimei had managed to save Setana Hasse after she was taken by the imperials, whom killed Var Narek, and escaped Ord Radama with her. They returned to the rebel holdout on Jagomir and after a few days rest, Chimei had a meeting with Setana and the leadership group of the rebel group.

After hours of negotiations a deal was reached and the rebel group has formally joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Our module concluded there.

XP awarded = 40

Experience, Obligation and Duty for Game on 4th July, 2015
And then there were three

In attendance were:

- Mitch
- Andrew
- Paul

Experience Points earned for the evenings session amounted to 10. Each player should have no more than 365 Experience after this session’s experience has been tabulated.

Duty was rolled and no ones status came into play. The same occurred for Obligation.

With only three players in attendance the narrative to the game had changed. (have to love the game for its freedoms given to the GM)

The story continued immediately after Bruce had dispatched the bounty hunter with the awesome one shot kill. Series of explosives on a timer had been set around the Inter Corp manufacturing plant which set off just as the bounty hunter fell to the ground. The whole facility started to cave in. The three companions and the engineers only had seconds to scramble out before the durasteel beams and duracrete would fall upon them.

Before the dust could settle the group finds themselves amongst Imperial soldiers. Chimei takes authority and barks out orders though is advised that the engineers need to be taken for processing and Lobo can be attended to at the mobile army surgical hospital located with their area command base. They are all taken there though Bruce is still unseen and follows the group from a distance.

At the forward command base Lobo’s uniform is stripped and the medical staff notice his tattoo’s, non-standard hair cut and suspicion is raised. Before the doctor could call in an officer the base falls under attack from a large rebel aerial force. General Alamis is leading the attack personally and several transports break through the din of battle to land within the imperial compound. Bruce is already on the transport as he managed to jump on while it was flying overhead near his hidden position.

Chimei turns against the Imperial troops and starts shooting, then rescues the engineers and with their help rescues Lobo. They all successfully board the transports and evacuate out of the imperial forward command base. The group return to the Rebel lines and are swiftly transported up to their ship and hyper jump out of the system back to Sec Fleet.

They debrief and Lobo is placed in a bakta tank to recover.

Experience, Obligation and Duty for Game on 20th June, 2015

In attendance were:

- Gav
- Branno
- Mitch
- Andrew
- Enzo
- Paul

Experience Points earned for the evenings session amounted to 20. Each player should have no more than 355 Experience after this session’s experience has been tabulated.

Duty was rolled and Paul’s ‘Resource Acquisition’ was activated. The mission itself was not completed on the evening so this Duty will roll over into the next session.

Obligation was rolled and Andrew’s Bounty was activated. The Bounty Hunter in question was insta killed while Andrew’s character was totally unconscious. We don’t know what the bounty is for. The Obligation itself has not been paid down due to fact the players character was incapacitated from a fall in an elevator shaft.

Next session the current adventure/mission from the Rebel Alliance continues. We have had three people whom have had to leave earlier therefore I have elected to conclude the evenings session. You are all within the Inter Corp’s manufacturing plant and have found the engineers with the first twenty having travelled up the elevator and into the manufacturing plant where the first group (consisting of Bruce, Chimei and the incapacitated Lobo with 20 engineers) were ambushed by a bounty hunter that was after Lobo. The Bounty hunter has been dispatched with a one shot kill from Bruce.

This is where we have left it and will continue next game. Please note that environmental effects are in play. The rain has stopped though the ground is still muddy with slippery surfaces. Mostly everywhere it is difficult going terrain. Furthermore it is night time, lets say, after your endeavours in the elevator shaft, it is now 1am.

Your next session will increase in difficulty slightly as I have decided that I will roll Obligation and Duty before the session begins. Andrew’s Obligation has concluded so there wont be two Obligations in play. Though as Paul’s Duty was not completed there will be two Duties in play and they can be the same person if the dice rolls that way.

Experience, Obligation and Duty for Game on 6th June

In attendance on game night were;

- Gav
- Branno
- Jeff
- Mitch
- Enzo
- Paul
- Andrew

Experience points earned for the night amounted to 20. No Duty was played during this session as time was allocated for group to actively reduce the hefty Obligation it carries and this session was devoted to Branno’s large Obligation with the Hutt.

Gav also managed to reduce his Bounty Obligation from five (5) down to zero (0).

With Andrew attending, the Obligation reached 100 though at end of night it was reduced under the threshold therefore you are able to spend the XP earned.

Enzo and Jeff (as you have taken on Duty now) have had their obligation reduced to zero (0). Branno, your Obligation is reduced to zero (0) as well.

If a player does not have Duty, you cannot have an obligation of zero. Minimum of five (5) will always apply.

Experience, Obligation and Duty for game on 23rd May 2015

In attendance on game night were;

- Gav
- Branno
- Jeff
- Mitch
- Enzo
- Paul

Experience points earned for the night amounted to 25. No Duty was played during this session as time was allocated for group to actively reduce the hefty Obligation it carries.

Obligation at conclusion of night reduced to 90. All players can now spend all accumulated XP from previous sessions which they couldn’t due to the Obligation ceiling being continually broken.

Enzo and Jeff (as you have taken on Duty now) have had their obligation reduced to zero (0). If a player does not have duty, you cannot have an obligation of zero. Minimum of five (5) will always apply.

Experience, Obligation and Duty for Game on 25th April 2015

In attendance were;

- Jeff
- Branno
- Gav
- Mitch
- Paul
- Enzo

25XP was gained at this game session.

Also five players, with the exception of Mitch, had their characters join with the Rebellion thus starting to garner Duty (Please see Age of Rebellion Core Rule Book for reference).

10 Duty per player that is with the Rebellion was gained at this game session.

Group Duty = 50


Lobo raced up the stairs, trying to keep pace with Jaxor. He had a feeling these flight of stairs would go on forever, though eventually he reached Jaxor’s destination.

The pair entered into a hallway under repair. The doors to the rooms here, which appear to be commercial in nature, were all removed. Jaxor entered the first doorway on the left and Lobo quickly followed. Inside he first noticed a group of heavily armed men on the near side taking cover at the windows. Some windows were actually absent, instead they had been covered by plastic sheeting which was now lightly blowing in the breeze.

To the far side of the room Lobo noticed another group of armed men filing in from the doorway located there. They were carrying heavy equipment which they started to set up near the window immediately. The first individual set up a heavy duty tripod and one of his companions immediately attached a long cylindrical shaped housing. It became immediately apparent to Lobo that this was a missile launcher when he noticed the third man loading a missile into the tube.

“So, would you mind telling me what’s going on here?” Lobo nervously asked his friend.

Jaxor stood beside one of the duracreet cores, taking cover, and peered outside through the plastic sheet.

Without looking at his friend Jaxor answered. “Lobo, the galaxy is at war if you haven’t noticed. Quite a lot has happened since the last time we ran together. I see you’re either still bounty hunting or etching out some type of living with your crew. Whatever it is that you’re doing it has no comparison with what is going on in the galaxy. There is a struggle which is greater than all of the sum of our parts. It is a struggle for the freedom of our galaxy, our home."

Through the light wind blowing onto the floor Lobo could hear the familiar noise of a chanting crowd. He walked closer and parted the plastic sheet carefully. Peering out he saw some twenty stories below him a huge crowd had gathered in the capital’s main sprawling plaza. There must have been at least a hundred thousand citizens chanting their protest.

To the left of the plaza there was a great and opulent staircase that led up to what he surmised to be the capitals government building. The plaza itself was surrounded by several arterial grand avenues and enclosed by skyscrapers, similar to the one Lobo was in.

“Not long ago I have made a critical decision in my life.” Jaxor continued. “I have seen to many things Lobo. To many despicable and putrid acts of savagery that I just could no longer ignore. The Empire is not who they purport to be.”

Lobo winced slightly at hearing Jaxor’s dissention of the Empire. He still refuses to believe there is anything wrong with the government that has done no wrong by him.

“So what are you doing here?” Lobo once again insisted for a straight answer, though he felt that he would not like what Jaxor would tell him.

Lobo’s old friend now turned to him and looked him straight in the eyes. “I have joined the Rebellion my friend.”

Lobo gulped uncomfortably. It was worse than he thought. He tried to find the words though was torn at what to say. Here was a friend of his that had literally saved his life. If it wasn’t for Jaxor then Lobo wouldn’t be standing here, three years later, with his old friend.

Though in that time Lobo had developed a strong sense of patriotism for the Empire. He saw them as the new order that will ultimately bring peace across the whole galaxy, that it will tame the quarrelling species which still refuse the rule of man. His immediate thought was to draw his pistol and start shooting though Lobo managed to stay his hand.

Jaxor couldn’t discern his friends thoughts as he looked on for a response. It is possible that the surprise had stumped him. He then broke into a moments laugh.

“Always speechless Lobo. Some things just never change.”

Jaxor’s attention diverted as he was tapped on the shoulder by one of his men. He quickly peered through the plastic sheet onto the plaza below. Lobo followed suit.

The protest below seemed to be in full swing with the voice of the gathered growing ever stronger. Lobo noticed that it became fever pitch in response to the appearance of the Imperial Army on top of the steps of the government building. Must have been a regiment that stretched across the marbled floor. Then, to Lobo’s sudden shock, the army started shooting at the gathered crowed.

Bodies fell in their hundreds as thousands panicked and rushed for the four grand avenues that lead into the plaza. Though they were trapped by the masses of protesters that were yet to realise what was going on, so more fell to the fire of blaster fire.

“It’s started.” Jaxor whispered painfully.

Lobo’s ears now filled with the screams of thousands of people from below. Like the swell of a stormy sea it rose and flooded into the room. The faces of the other men in the room hardened.

“There!” Jaxor shouted and pointed to his men. “Start with that one.”

Lobo followed Jaxor’s pointed finger and saw straight below an AT-ST walker coming out of a side alleyway. It immediately started shooting at the crowd nearby. This time limbs were torn from bodies as they flew at the impact of the explosion from the walkers heavy guns.

“Heavy support!” Jaxor bellowed. “Fire on that target!”

The three men handling the missile moved the tripod closer to the edge. The tripod itself flexed forward giving the gunner a better view to his target and then he fired. The missile whizzed through the air and hit the AT-ST walker on the rooftop. Exploding in a great ball of fire the walker crumbled to the ground.

Then, in unison, heavy and small arms fire bellowed out from the surrounding sky scrapers. The Imperial Army below seemed to be caught under a crossfire. Realising that there is a greater threat than an unarmed populace, the imperials broke rank and looked for whatever cover they could find and started returning fire.

One of the men scampered over to Jaxor and leaned over so he could better hear. The gun fire from below and from within the room had taken dominance over any sound.

“Sir, it is time for you to leave. We can take it from here. The men know their orders. I know what we need to do.”

Jaxor turned to him and clasped the man on his shoulder. Giving him a warm smile Jaxor responded. “May the force be with you my friend.” He turned to Jaxor and nodded with his head towards the doorway.

“Take me to your ship friend. It’s time for us to go”

With a sense of relief Lobo moved quickly to the exit. He stopped for a moment and looked back at the men fighting with the imperials below. He still struggled to make anything of it though shoved all of that aside. He had a debt to pay and taking his friend off this planet may just very well be the first step on the road to settlement.

With that Lobo stepped through the exit and rushed for the stairwell, eager to place everything that transpired into the past. Hopefully something that he could forget, just like all the other things he saw and………….. forgot.


The days back on Entara rolled into a week while the group waited for Onyq to be released from hospital following his cybernetic surgery. To celebrate his new found arm the group gathered for a morning meal at a busy main street café. The adventurers also discovered there was a new member to their group. Chimei had hired a mercenary soldier that goes by the name of Mayhem.

The new member to the group could have been hired because Chimei no longer trusted his friends or he did not perceive they had the requisite skills when a gun fight breaks out. It could be because Chimei wanted to mix things up in the group and keep the others on their toes. Whatever the reason maybe most of the group had given up on discerning Chimei’s thoughts because it had become painfully obvious he couldn’t even acknowledge the reality of his place in the galaxy. Chimei Angola had himself embroiled in the machinations of the Black Sun.

During breakfast Mayhem ate gleefully. He had fallen on some hard times so he welcomed the opportunity for a fully paid meal. The groups attention was diverted to the main street outside as they had heard the distant thrum of a large crowd. Mayhem paid no attention or he genuinely didn’t hear the chanting crowd. Taking advantage of the others lack of attention Mayhem grabbed the breakfast meal from his new companions and added the food to his plate.

“Waste not, want not”. He murmured quietly to himself.

Onyq was extremely curious and stepped outside the café onto the busy pavement. By now the passing crowd had also heard the protest rolling down main street. Onyq could make out a number of banners that were hoisted above the protesters arms.

“Remember Alderaan!” most of the banners read. “Say no to the Empire”, “No more hypocrisy” read the others.

Onyq tried to step back into the café but was knocked over by a rushing citizen. He had a sudden urge to meet out punishment for the affront though thought better off it. Back in the café Onyq recounted what he saw. By the time he had finished the crowd of protesters were passing the café.

Everyone inside had stopped to observe with the exception of Chimei who quickly found the manager and convinced him to let his group through the kitchen and out the back door of the café. Chimei had no intention to stay on the planet anymore. Maybe he knew what was going on or is just stark raving paranoid. His companions wouldn’t know though they quickly followed him. After all, he is the captain of their ship so better follow the captain otherwise you may find yourself stranded.

The group rushed through the back alleyways, following the instructions from the café manager, and in quick time had reached a busy road though without any evidence of a protesting crowd. Chimei started to signal for a taxi and waited on the footpath impatiently.
While he waited with the rest of the group Lobo heard his name called out not far down the footpath. He turned to see a van parked on the kerb with men in black fatigues and armed to the teeth, filing out off and running into a building. One of the men was standing there and looking at Lobo who now instantly recognised him.

Jaxor was an old time friend of Lobo’s when he used to run in an apprentice crew for a bounty hunter group. He remembered how Jaxor literally saved his life during a bounty that had gone horribly wrong. Lobo owed a huge debt to this man standing several feet in front of him.

“Lobo, it is you!!” Jaxor exclaimed. “What in the galaxy are you doing here?”

Lobo’s companions looked at him enquiring. Chimei was inpatient and paid no attention. He tapped his foot anxiously as the passing taxis ‘no vacancy’ lights shone.

“Jaxor.” Lobo stammered as he painfully tried to find the words.

His old friend now approached him. Slinging his blaster rifle to the side Jaxor raised both of his hands and clasped Lobo firmly around the shoulders.

“Speechless as always, I see.” Jaxor gave a warm smile as he looked at Lobo up and down, then at the companions behind him who stood there nervously. Pass though was calm as a pond. No one noticed him when he slid his arm under his coat and unclasped the button on his holster, pistol at the ready. Jaxor gave a nod of acknowledgment to Lobo’s companions. In silence the others returned the gesture, with the exception of one.

Chimei turned to see who was talking to Lobo and noticed the tail end of an armed group of men file into a building some 20 feet down the footpath then his eyes turned to the armed man talking to Lobo and their eyes met.

“Yea right, I have no interest in what you’re selling.” Chimei spoke, as if in response to a question.

Jaxor ignored the veiled insult and smiled upon Lobo again. “By the fates, after all these years I run into you here. What are you doing? Where are you going?”

Lobo finally composed himself. “Well I’m running with this crew.” He pointed with his thumb over his back to his friends. “but hey, we are in such a hurry. I’m actually heading to our ship.”

“You have a ship?!” Jaxor bellowed.

“You idiot.” Pass muttered under his breath and stepped towards the kerb, now also looking for a taxi.

“Lobo.” Jaxor continued. “Listen, I need a huge favour from you. I cant tell you much right now as it would take to long, but I need you to help me get off this planet. I beg of you Lobo. I have something to do right now. Wait an hour for me and if I come in that time you can help me get off this planet”

Lobo was very confused. He didn’t make much sense with the words he tried to put together. His emotions were embroiled in a tussle of opposing loyalties. Here stood a man that he hasn’t seen in over three years. This man saved his life and Lobo owed him so much for what he did. On the other side were his companions that right now were rushing to get off the planet.

Pass noticed a vacant taxi some two hundred metres up the road and whistled loudly. The taxi weaved between the traffic and approached the kerb. Chimei looked at Lobo and his friend with disinterest.

“This is not me. This is not what I do. I don’t care for your friend there or anything he wants. I am getting off this planet as soon as I get to the Blade.”

The taxi pulled up and the group started piling in. Jek’tul had to lay across the others laps in the back as there wasn’t room. Chimei jumped into the front passenger seat. Jaxor examined Lobo’s face, looking for clues as to his thoughts.

“Wait!” Lobo yelled as he ran to the taxi. He leaned over the front passenger window and looked inside with mournful eyes.

“Don’t leave me. C’mon. I’m the best pilot you have had. Look at all the mods I did to the ship. Don’t abandon me here.”

“You have one hour.” Chimei spoke through greeted teeth and the taxi sped away. The cities space port its destination.

Lobo stood still as he watched the taxi speed away. Everything happened so fast and he was still trying to process what just transpired. Jaxor tugged him back into the present as he motioned towards the building.

“Quick. We have lingered here to long. Follow me into the building.”

Lobo first stumbled a little. His legs lagged behind his mixed thoughts. Then he gathered himself, clasped his holster for assurance that his pistol was still there and followed Jaxor into the building. He had no idea what he was getting himself into though he knew that he must follow Jaxor. He owed his friend a great debt. To the core of his soul this debt must be paid.

Experience and Obligation for 11th April 2015

In attendance were;

- Andrew
- Gav
- Mitch
- Branno
- Jeff

The group has gained 10XP.

Andrew has paid down his ‘Debt" Obligation by twenty (20). The active player’s group Obligation has dropped below one hundred (100) therefore the group can spend the XP which has accumulated to date.


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